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  James Cook Boys Technology High School is committed to providing students with an education that helps to realise the potential of every student’s intellectual and creative talents. Our school aims to offer students a high-quality education where their academic, physical and emotional needs will be met.

  Students' needs are the main priority at our school because it is our aim to nurture students' academic capacity, while channelling students' energy, enthusiasm and initiative into purposeful pursuits. We cultivate a learning community where students are supported in achieving their fullest potential while being engaged in their learning experiences and striving for excellence.

  Our school provides a dynamic learning environment that engages students who work to achieve their personal best in an atmosphere of mutual respect and cooperation. Over the past year there has been widescale consultation with students, parents, staff and the community with the aim of incorporating renewed expectations to reflect a fresh school culture and ethos.

  The facilities at James Cook Boys’ High provide students with innovative learning experiences. The school’s equipped regular classrooms are complemented by the English learning centre, library and specialist rooms for pursuing varied forms of enquiry, including electronic and woodwork rooms and performance spaces.

  Computers and Technology

  Four computer rooms are available to classes, each offering the latest in hardware and software. Data projectors, modern office software applications, film and photo editing equipment and printing access all contribute to ensuring dynamic educational tuition and presentation. Within the school network, all pupils are allocated individual logins to guarantee the security of their files. Staff supervision of the computer rooms at lunchtime provides students with productive environments in which they can develop assignments and consolidate homework.

  Music Laboratories

  In Music there is a state-of-the-art ELECTRIC PIANO LABORATORY (also Roland electric drums - upon which enthusiastic students can practise their drum skills) and a Keyboard laboratory in the other Music Room. We have a Music Computer Laboratory with the following software:? Sibelius, Band-In-a Box, Acid Pro, FL Studio and Cubase, all of which allow the boys to develop skills (including audio recording) that would be well utilised in the entertainment industry.There is also a Practice Room in which our different performing bands rehearse.

  Sporting Facilities

  Our extensive grounds and outstanding sporting facilities represent another very positive aspect of schooling at James Cook. Students benefit from the use of our three tennis courts, three basketball courts and full sized football/soccer field. The school also caters for a broad range of sporting interests as noted in the availability of our well equipped weights training centre, squash court centre and gymnasium. James Cook also enjoys an affiliation with the St George Rugby League Club.