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  Sevenoaks Senior College was built on the old Cannington Senior High School site at the corner of Sevenoaks Street and Cecil Avenue at a cost of $8.6 million.? It was officially opened by Alan Carpenter, the then Minister for Education, on 19 September 2001, although it was operating as a school from the beginning of the year.

  The College was part of the Government's new concept to break away from the educational mould which saw three new colleges open in the south-east metropolitan corridor of Perth: Sevenoaks, Cannington Community College and Yule Brook College.? The inaugural Principal was David Wood (currently CEO of the Curriculum Council).? 450 students enrolled in the first year of operation.

  Sevenoaks Senior College presents a modern and practical approach to senior schooling in Western Australia.

  We cater for up to 600 students and our programs attract students from across the metropolitan area.? We are also a local school for students from Yule Brook College and Cannington Community College.

  Sevenoaks has several unique features.

  Wide availability of on-line delivery of programs

  Most students undertake enterprise and vocationally related studies

  Innovative school and industry links mean students are offered many new opportunities to work directly with employers.

  Some programs are delivered at other locations such as universities and TAFE colleges.