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Mowbray Public School Graduation certificate, undergraduate, master, doctor, transcript, certification, sample picture, diploma case

Mowbray Public School is a small school with an involved and committed staff supported by an active and informed parent community.  In our park-like environment we offer a wide range of play and sporting facilities. We are committed to providing quality programs designed to encourage each child to achieve their maximum potential in intellectual, physical and creative areas. We hope you enjoy your visit with us.

Mowbray Public School Policy Documents

The school has developed range of policy documents to ensure that there is consistency and fairness in decision-making processes and program delivery. If you would like a copy of any of the policies listed below, please contact the school office for a copy to be emailed to you.

School Planning

Annual Management Plan

Management Plan Term Reports

Annual School Report

School Organisation

Enrolment and Out of Area Enrolment

Class Placement

Learning Outcomes

Assessment and Reporting

Learning Support Programs

Gifted and Talented

Information and Communication Technology

Student Welfare

Good Discipline and Effective Learning and Student Welfare

Care and Supervision


Accidents and Illness


Emergency procedures

Drug Education

Sun Safe

SRC Student Leaders Election

Aboriginal Education

Mobile Phone

The NSW Department of Education and Communities curriculum includes six Key Learning Areas. These include:



Human Society and Its Environment

Science and Technology

Creative and Practical Arts

Personal Development, Health and Physical Education

Mowbray Public School has many programs and initiatives for students to participate in. Some of these include:


English as a Second Language

Gifted and Talented Program

Performing Arts


Student Representative Council

Peer Support


Mowbray Public School Degree, undergraduate, master, doctor, transcript, certification, sample picture, original diploma case.