St Ives Park Primary School diploma 毕业证

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St Ives Park Primary School毕业证、本科、硕士、博士、成绩单、样本图片、diploma案例。
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St Ives Park Primary School院校介绍

  St Ives Park Primary School, a unique school, tucked away in a bushland setting.

  At St Ives Park we offer our students a broad range of educational opportunities in a safe, caring and attractive environment. With our highly qualified teaching staff and excellent learning programs our students have every opportunity to achieve their full learning potential.

  Our focus at St Ives Park is to develop in our children:

  Academic ability

  Self expression


  Motivation to learn

  We believe that our Early Literacy Program and Ability Groupings are features of St Ives Park that provide an academic advantage to our students. Our programs deliver the foundation and enthusiasm for a lifetime of learning and are structured to ensure that the individual needs of each student are addressed in a personalised manner.

  In addition to academic excellence, St Ives Park offers every child opportunities to participate in sport, debating, public speaking, music, dance, technology and academic competitions.

  Our ethos and educational approach is complemented by outstanding school facilities.

  We love St Ives Park because it is a community school where everyone knows each other. It is an enviroment where the children have a real sense of belonging. The children know every child in the school. The children are so secure and happy that they thrive academically, musically and in sport .

  K Family - child in Year 3; 2 children completed K-6 and now at Barker College. November,2009

  St Ives Park Primary School is the best kept secret on the North Shore .

  We think St Ives Park Primary School offers a truly unique learning environment. It appeals to our family as it is safe, nurturing and nestled in a pleasant bushland environment within which our children are recognised and given outstanding opportunities to participate in school life and develop their leadership qualities.

  H Family - children in K and Year 3. May, 2009.

  St Ives Park has taken my knee-clinging pre-schooler to a confident, academically accomplished, responsible Year 6 student ready for high school. He has become a motivated, self-starting learner who manages his own study deadlines. The exceptional progam run in Kindergarten gave him an enthusiasm for learning that has been built upon by the very personalised approach to education this school has throughout the grades. With another child thriving in Year 4, St Ives Park brings out the best in our children and continues to be the perfect choice for our family.

  S Family - children in Years 4 and 6. May, 2009.

  For us St Ives Park is all about friendliness, caring and that one big happy family thing where the teachers care for the children and the big kids look out for the little ones. And of course those fantastic canteen specials!

  C Family - children in Year 2 and 5. July, 2009.

  We transferred to St Ives Park because the boys were bored out of their brains at the previous school and most unhappy. I rang several different schools, but none seemed as if they were going to be much better for our boys.

  However, when I contacted St Ives Park Primary, Mrs King told me that the first thing they do is test the children thoroughly at the beginning of each year and put them in ability groups for reading and math’s. It was like music to my ears.

  Both boys were put in ability groups above their class level and one was grade skipped at the end of Term 1. They are both thriving at St Ives Park, socially and academically, after being most unhappy last year.

  The staff are very responsive when an issue arises that needs attention, and have been flexible in their approach to problems and possible solutions. Changing schools seemed a big step but it has certainly been the best thing we could have done.

  Our Vision

  Quality educational outcomes in a caring, supportive and encouraging environment.

  Our Mission

  To ensure that educational programs at St Ives Park Primary School:

  Attain standards which realise the full potential of our students

  Meet the educational needs and aspirations of our community.

  Prepare students for their future in a changing society.

  Promote the participation of the whole school community.

  Our Values

  The St Ives Park Primary School community believes:

  all our students have the ability and need to learn

  each child must be valued and recognised as an individual

  our students and staff have the right to a safe, happy, caring and stimulating learning and teaching environment

  quality education is imperative for all our students

  diversity strengthens our school and should be respected

  our school prospers when people work together and support each other

  informed participation from our community towards our shared values and long term goals is crucial

  Our ethos and educational approach is complemented by our wonderful setting and school facilities. These include:

  a fully equipped computer laboratory

  computers in every classroom

  Interactive Whiteboards in most classrooms (including the library)

  Connected Classroom in the Year 6 classroom

  a well-stocked library

  tennis, netball and basketball courts

  sports oval and cricket nets

  a large covered outdoor learning area (COLA)

  extensive shade sails over lunch and hardcourt area

  ecoclassroom for outdoor learning programs

  State of the art multi purpose hall

  our own Eco-Garden

  Out of School Hours Care

  a newly refurbished accredited healthy Canteen

  Uniform Shop

  a range of Extra-Curricula Activities

St Ives Park Primary School毕业证学位、本科、硕士、博士、成绩单、样本图片、diploma案例。
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